About Us

We are a deal structuring and design company that merges data, strategy, and finance to shape the new economy. As conductors in the ecosystem, we work with data partners and communities in parallel to identify, filter, and breathe new life into commercial and social infrastructure.

Our vision is to build a future of harmonious interactions between people, nature, and real and financial infrastructure globally.

Our Methodology

We want to drive billions of dollars of capital towards bundled, geographically-focused asset opportunities with trapped financial, social, and ecological value. We call these geo-specific asset opportunities enclaves. The Lemonade Way is a specific sequencing methodology that allows us to evaluate these opportunities with a fresh perspective and uncover trapped or previously overlooked value.

There are four main steps we use to evaluate enclaves.

Step 1  |  Assess

We evaluate a variety of data layers within a geographic region and identify areas of value creation in an enclave. These data layers include: existing capital pools, specific regional and social assets, land, water, transportation infrastructure, and much more.

Step 2  |  Categorize

Our analysis highlights how The Lemonade Way can unlock additional value for an enclave by categorizing the assets and examining areas of value “uplift”, including areas of aggregate efficiency.

Step 3  |  Vision and sequence

High-potential enclaves then receive input from the community. By better understanding the social capital embedded within enclaves, we can design a solution that is appropriate to the needs and desires of community stakeholders and begin sequencing opportunities from our analysis.

Step 4  |  Mobilize

We activate the enclave’s assets to realize value through our tailored ecosystem of developers, investors, architects, designers, and consultants. As each enclave evolves, they will showcase a new future to neighboring communities.

What is an enclave?

An enclave is a vital mixed-use community of a certain size, where residential and commercial use cases co-exist. It is small geographic area, not a smart city or an entire country.

The enclave approach is meant to work faster and with more dramatic short term ROI than the current ‘smart city’ phenomenon, though it’s meant to work seamlessly with global smart cities and even national and international new infrastructure plans and policies.

Our Partners

The Lemonade Way is partnering with Epiphany, a fintech firm that specializes in digital banking, to utilize the company's data science capabilities to apply to credit selection through a unique partnership with another firm called Prosperise Capital. Prosperise Capital is an asset manager with multi-cycle expertise in credit investing.

This strategic partnership, named Heatseeker, will identify the most dynamic rate of change and pathway to yield in the global credit market, one of first items in the data stack, and key differentiators of our methodology.

We are also partnering with Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), to leverage their capabilities in evaluating energy efficiency and other environmental vectors within real estate infrastructure.

Recent News

A recent report, “A Global Call For Leadership On Climate Resilience”, concludes that $1.8 trillion of investment in five areas could yield $7.1 trillion in total net benefits. A key component is private investment. Read more.

“Climate-smart” infrastructure means designing and building infrastructure with future climate projections in mind, instead of building infrastructure based on past trends. Read more.

Although it’s early days, some cities and municipalities are starting to recognize that past conditions can no longer serve as reasonable proxies for the future. Read more.